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CVirtuals is the ultimate platform for job hunters to have a professional virtual CV recorded, edited and shared to a network of employers looking for the perfect candidates.

The CVirtuals team offers the correct guidelines for all job hunters to record a brief video of themselves in professional attire stating their education, past experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Not only is this the opportunity to show the verbal and presentation skills each candidate, but it offers the unique opportunity to show some personality.


Employers can gain access to professional candidates from all over the world and from varies fields of expertise. Employers can hereby to a preliminary evaluation of the possible candidate before inviting the selected candidates over for a face to face meeting.


In a world of ever evolving technology, this is the future for all job hunters and employee seekers!

Featured Job Opening:

Job Description: Content Producer

As a Content Producer, you will be given your own portfolio of conferences & publication to create, manage, develop and enhance. Your role will include:

- Topic & speaker research.

- Program development

- Speaker recruitment

- Creation of a marketing & sales strategy

- Working with internal teams and external contacts

- New launch opportunities

- Travel to events

- This role will be supported by a positive and welcoming team.



- Strong research, writing and analytical skills.

- Excellent command of English and other European language      (preferably French or Spanish) business level in verbal and       

  writing ability.

- Verify facts cited in material for publication.

- Evaluate submissions from writers to decide what to publish.

- Develop content ideas according to the publication’s style and    editorial policy.

- Writing, copy editing, syntax and proofreading experience.

- Good communication and interpersonal skills.

- Highly organised and detail oriented.

- Good sense of time management and deadlines.

- The ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

- Proactive and motivated team player.

- A natural relationship builder.

- Demonstration of achieving commercial success in a fast- 

  paced deadlines while balancing a variety of projects.

- Bachelors degree holder in journalism or communication is 


The Necessities:

- Fast, stable internet connection.

- Have an external hard drive to make backups of your work.

own computer.

The Benefits:

- Being part of something BIG.

- Minimal travel expenses.

- Work from home.

- The possibility of international travel.


Send your CV with cover letter, latest photo and current/expected remuneration to apply. 

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