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About CVideo

Why choose our services

We all were unemployed somewhere in our lives. The CVirtuals concept originated from our very founder, Lou-Mari Burnett, when she created her first "virtual CV" to apply for a position at a company. To her employer, this stood out from the very beginning. It was something different, out of the box and purely unique. And, this is what we would like to offer to those job hunters needing that extra boost to get that dream job. And, to the employers, seeking those diamonds in the rough - now you can finally see them "shine" from the very beginning stage of the application process!

Our process

Our process is very easy and simple.


To the job seekers, the following will take place:

1) Complete the registration form

2) Record your video

3) We will edit your video

2) Be listed

3) Get your dream job!

To the employers, the following will take place:

1) Complete the registration form

2) Receive the CVirtual Videos from relevant candidates

3) Watch and select your top candidates

2) Arrange face-to-face interviews with the selected candidates

3) Employ your selected candidate/ candidates!

Our obligation

Our obligation is to connect the relevant candidates to the correct employers/ job opportunities. We will go the extra mile in making every CVirtual Video look catching, correct and based on facts as per candidates education and experiences.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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