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A new Data Capturer just got her big break at an international events producing company, namely, Eventus International.


Well done to A Mackinnon!

During the time of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Eventus International Limited has announced that they will be seeking Data Capturers to join their team, creating the opportunity for more people to work from home and earn an income! 

This is a great initiative by Eventus and we encourage more companies to create remote job opportunities which will be safe for all employees around the world!

As we all know, COVID -19 (Coronavirus) has affected the employment around the world tremendously. With this change, the work environment has also changed a lot and many employers have moved online to get the work done. 

In this light, the following jobs has become quite popular:

- Data Capturer

- Social Media Manager

- Virtual Assistant

- Virtual Teacher (Via Webinars)

Remote/ Freelance Accountant

Remote/ Freelance Administrative Assistant

- Remote/ Freelance Copy Writer

- Remote/ Freelance Editor

- Remote/ Freelance Graphic Designer

- Remote/ Freelance Website Designer

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